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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Sunday began like any other Sunday... with a trip to church.  I have been to many Orthodox churches for services around the world.  I love nothing more than seeing how other parishes operate.

St Sava Parish here in Paris is about 10 minute walk from my "home" here so it would have been crazy not to go.  I'm so glad I went.  Bishop Luka was serving, who was the Bishop in Australia for many years in the 1990's - what a coincidence!

After church, I went onto another church - Notre Dame.  The organ was playing while the service was held inside.  Breath taking.

The Seine is such a wonderful and tranquil river.  The weather has cooled down, but I so wish I had time to sit and read the book on the banks for hours... maybe next time!

Hotel De Ville... believe it or not that's where the public servants work every day. 

 The Latin Quarter is a bit of a tourist trap in my eyes.. couple of small streets with restaurants trying to pull tourists in.  But not too bad for a 10 euro 3 course meal which consists of all the French delicacies.. like snails, french opinion soup and frog legs!

Ponte Nouf bridge

Ponte Nouf bridge


  1. Love your Paris posts. And your photographs are gorgeous. How lovely that you went to church there and that an Oz priest was serviing (or at least had been to Oz)....
    I have (at last!) done my second post on Paris. Enjoy your time there and pleased it has become a little cooler so your woolly items will get lots of use!! :-) xx

  2. I love seeing this trip through your photos. You took it all in and that's awesome!!

  3. Loving your Paris posts. Going next year and I cannot wait. Was this a Serbian or Greek Orthodox church? Love that you check out Orthodox churches in your travels. That's great. It's interesting to see how other parishes conduct their mass.


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