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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Musee de Louvre - my favourite day in Paris

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I packed seriously wrong.  I lugged two pairs of boots, a coat and gazillion layers as everyone kept telling me it was COLD.  Well they were wrong.  It was overcast and thus rather muggy.  Melbourne is cold when it's 15C, Paris is NOT despite what the Parisians may think.  By the end of it I was quickly tiring of overheating and pulling layers on and off, especially in the very, very, overheated indoors.

The day I chose to visit the Louvre ended up being the first sunny day in the 5 days I had spent there, so I used my time efficiently and decided to spend the afternoon at the Eiffel Tower to maximise the clear skies and picture opportunities.

I don't know what's better, the Louvre itself or the art within it.  I didn't know whether to look up, down or sideways.  Honestly, there are museums and then there's the Louvre.   The 8 departments today house over 30,000 works! It's impossible to see everything unless you have a couple of solid days.  Best done in genres.  The Denon and Richelieu wings were my personal favourites.

I suggest getting there at opening to avoid the queues.  By midday it does fill up, even during low season.  And as I said, try and get to the Louvre at closing time prior to your visit and pre purchase museum tickets from the tobacco store which are undated and can be used at any time.  The process is so much quicker and you are not charged a premium.

Just me and an empty Jardin Tuileries on a Paris morning.  Bliss.

No queues!

My favourite Da Vinci. So hauntingly amazing.  It was his last ever work.  A painting of St John.  It's often overlooked as everyone races over to the Mona Lisa.

The views from inside are wonderful.  In my opinion the best views in Paris.

Zomp boots, 2 pairs of Wolfords layered, Kookai bandage skirt, H&M wrap cardigan, Scanlan & Theodore belt, Zara goat skin bag.

The Mona Lisa.  A painting that haunted Da Vinci.  He carried it with him for 5 years and was never completely happy with it.

Napoleon's apartment

Apologies for the overload of images.  I just love this place.


  1. Isn't it beautiful? It made me want to study art history!

  2. Oh it's as beautiful as I remember.

    Good work on going for the double Wolfords.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  3. These pictures are incredible--they make me feel like crying. So beautiful. And you look smashing. I need to lose 10lbs FAST. oy

  4. What a wonderful post - great photographs and good advice about getting there just prior to closing time too. And you look fab as ever - love your outfit for the museum. X

  5. Ah this makes all makes me miss my time in Paris even more.
    I thought Napoleons apartment was breathtaking - such decadence!

  6. loving the Louvre as well.... to bad the items are packed, plus some items should be returned to where it belong (ex. L'Ara Pacis part back to Museo L'Ara Pacis, etc.)


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