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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Demi Moore - Before and After Photoshop

One image is the Helena Rubinstein perfume ad, the other is an image taken on a camera phone and posted on Twitter.

In one, she's an average, albeit beautiful woman, in the other she's unattainable perfection (?)

Can you notice what I notice?

  1. Her eyes are a lot greener and brighter
  2. Her hair and eyebrows are a look fuller and shinier
  3. Her breasts and fuller and lifted
  4. Her neck and hands have no wrinkles
  5. Her skintone is lighter
  6. Her nails are whiter
A bottle of perfume in the Twitter image would not sell perfume, the ad photo would.  That's just the reality, because we, the consumer are conditioned to be drawn to the perfect (?) image.


  1. Anonymous1:37 pm

    yeea u're right..
    but it's common in ads..
    nice blog anyway..

  2. Thanks for the picture! She look gorgeous even before photoshop though.

  3. We just watched a video in my AP Psychology class about the magic of photoshopping and how it influences consumers and body image. You're totally right!

  4. Um, she's so much more beautiful in the before photos. The photoshopped version is just ugly and obvious.

  5. Anonymous2:48 am

    Photoshop is taking average so-so photographers and making them great and that's not photography at all that's graphic design...that's it

  6. Wow! I know everything we see is photoshopped but it does still make it difficult when we see these ads. It's easy to overlook or forget how MUCH photoshop does.


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