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Friday, 8 January 2010

Holiday packing - an artform

I like to provide myself an expert holiday packer.  I once went to Europe for 3 weeks with carry on luggage of 12 kilos (it was summer).

I did however learn my lesson after going to Europe in 2005 with two suitcases and 20 kilos of excess baggage for which they wanted to charge me 700 euros.  I then vowed never to do that again.

I love January.  In Australia it means 30C+ days, lots of holidays, tennis, birthdays, slave, Christmas... it's my favourite month by far.

Tonight I am flying to Queensland of 8 days... and all that I am taking with me fits into a small carry on sized case.  The trick to holidays packing is to ensure that each and every item is an outfit of it's own, or can be worn with at least 2 or 3 other items to create an outfit.

Let me tell you what I plan to do whilst there

  • go to church for slava
  • go out for Orthodox NYE
  • celebrate my brother's 18th birthday and spend some time with him doing things that 18 year old boys do
  • spend some lazy days at my parents house
  • go to Noosa for a couple of days
My essentials are:

Scanlan & Theodore silk dress

Can be worn over a bikini at the beach... or shopping over a nude slip.. or while lazying around the house/going for a coffee/seeing a movie.  Pared with some flat sandals or havs.

Throw in some separates in the form of black Zara shorts and a pair of denim cut off shorts, completes the basis of the wardrobe.

I am taking 2 singlets and two dressy tops to pair with these bottoms for casual day time wear.

The cut off shorts were a pair of old jeans that were too short, that I cut off.  I love them!

This Topshop top is my go to item when I feel like I have "nothing to wear".  Souvenir  from said overpacking trip in 2005.

Witchery top is another easy to throw on item with the shorts and denim cut offs.

The Shakuhachi is to be worn for my brother's 18th.

Throw in two pairs of bikinis and a pashmina to wrap around myself when it's cold indoors and I'm set.

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