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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Kikki K

With no luck on the tennis ticket front and the weather looking like it's going to rain, I am shortly headed to the office to do some overtime - that's what happens when you take holidays!

On Thursday, I finally enrolled in post grad - something I procrastinated for 3 long year.

Of course a return to study calls for a trip to the stationary store and on my way to work I'm going to stop into Kikki K and a wander through the city to take some more photos with my Nikon.

Images thanks to Kikki K


  1. Nice... love pens, paper etc... Totally random and not related jst saw that you commented about my trip to the vintage market Camberwell on a sunday and you said you did not have a car... It is any easy walk from Camberwell Junction railway station - starts v. early goes on till around 12 or 1pm...!

  2. Kikki K and Smiggle are dangerous!


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