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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Happy Friday

I admire women who match their clothes and accessories, I really do.  But life's too short and my motto at the moment is "it doesn't have to match".

So I teamed a pretty, silk, floaty Zayt dress with a cotton sailor cardi from Bardot and a patent, deep red belt from Cue.  I might post some more outfit photos if people enjoy them. xx


  1. Lovely dress! Soft, simple and matches with my style. If you have time, please show more of your outfits. I would be glad to see how you put together your items.

  2. Silk is my favourite material.

  3. You look great... would like to see some more outfits too... gorgeous... and rather like that striped number .....think I may have to get me down to Bardots! Def. need a striped something - they seem to be cropping up everywhere!


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