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Monday, 25 January 2010

Thank You Tennis Gods!

Welcome to the couple of new followers!  How flattering!  I wonder if I can get to 10 soon?

So on Saturday after refreshing Ticketek about 100 times, I gave up on the tennis and went to the city and to do a bit of overtime at the office.

Apart from pretty stationary, a few things at Sportgirl caught my eye, but I am on a shopping detox until mid February, so I kept walking.

I took a couple of photos at Melbourne Central and made a run for it as the weather was all but miserable.

Once I got to work, I paid another frustrating visit to the Ticketek website and guess what - I got a ticket!!! I made a quick dash one train stop to Richmond Railway Station and witnessed a very embarrassing floor wiping display of tennis over Denis Istomin by Novak Djokovic.  Nole's new coach has got him volleying, coming into the net and trying some drop shots, which has startled his opponents, as they are used to one type of game when they play against him and now they are not so sure.

B and I have breakfast out every single week, usually on a Saturday.  As he was away fishing, we did breakfast yesterday instead.

It was one of the worst breakfasts I've had in a long, long time, all thanks to Degreaves Espresso, of all places.  The place is quirky and small and that's where the fun ends.

The staff were rude and the service slow.  They have no menus, so I asked for help as I didn't bring my glasses - only to be pointed to a board, which I could not read.  I ordered my usual eggs florentine - which promised to come on Ciabatta bread, with two poached eggs and spinach.  Easy enough.  B ordered scrambled eggs with extra bacon.

Our order arrived 33 minutes later, even though the tiny cafe was virtually empty... our ciabatta ended up being sour dough toast... and my eggs florentine arrived with bacon, while B got none.

At least I liked my outfit... and the coffee was pretty good. 1/5.

Country Road ruffle dress
Zac Posen for Target blazer

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  1. Your outfit is really pretty!
    I am also on a shopping detox. For me it very difficult to observe the pledge. I try to saturate my thoughts with more other activities in order to minimize the impulsions coming as a desire.


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