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Saturday, 2 January 2010

It's January 2.

I have my entire summer wardrobe which needs unpacking, washing and ironing and then suitcase packing in anticipation for my trip to Queensland next week.  I still have to buy my brother's Christmas presents as well as a present for his 18th.  I have to plan a Christmas day lunch, as well as shop the ingredients and cook it all.  I have 2700 unread and unanswered emails in my inbox, which has been neglected since I went to Hobart - I've been unable to catch up!

Yet I've started the year well - I went for a blissful beach walk yesterday and I went to the gym today... well as my usual weekend guilty pleasure - a trip to Borders and a couple of hours reading imported fashion magazines.

I can't bring myself to pay upwards of $17 for each publication when I can sit on (a very uncomfortable) bench at Borders and flip and read as I wish, noting down inspiration for the next season.

I'm a summer girl through and through, but I'm looking forward to wearing my YSL boots, lots of black tights and knits... and my next season must buy.. an oversized coat/cape like jacket.

Let the fun begin.

Image, as snapped by me on my iPhone:

Rachael McAdams on the cover of US Vogue - January 2010.  I only grabbed it off the shelf to read the Lara Stone interview.  I needn't have bothered.  The whole thing was retold by the Fug Girls via The Cut about 3 weeks ago.

Lara tells us about her struggles with being "fat" in the fashion industry and her alcohol abuse problem which was cured by a stint in rehab in South Africa.  I don't really blame the designers when it comes to the same sizes.  The clothes that the girls on the catwalk wear, get torn off them immediately and sold to the likes of Rachel Zoe to dress the celebs in.. and those celebs are the ones who are 5"1, small boned and need the samples to fit... Size Zero...

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  1. Thank God it's finally out. I wish it would arrive earlier, might pop inot Borders tomorrow to get it. xx


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