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Monday, 18 January 2010

Karlie Kloss - Vogue Italia January 2010

What an amazing cover.  Click to enlarge.


  1. Ohh! Karlie Kloss <3 I have a pic of her from an Hermes campaign that I'm using as inspiration at the moment :)

    This cover looks amazing!

    <3 xxx

  2. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Don't you find this cover sad? And when you think more about it - isn't it genuinely disturbing? Thin, frail and weak women falling because they can't walk. And these are 'models' for us?? When you are toddler, it is cute. When you are full grown woman, it is sad. And if you still want to think about it, who is responsible for feeding these images of models to us? And shouldn't we reject them if only to stand strong instead?

  3. I don't think it's sad - I think it's a clever, light hearted piss take on the current state of play in the world of fashion - the reality is that the heels are stupid and models are falling over.

    When it comes to the issue of being thin, I think celebrity is more to blame than the models.

    The dress has to jump off the runway and be delivered to Rachel Zoe who then dresses her size 0 clients in that garment. There is no time to alter it, so the sample is a size 0, which requires a size 0 model to wear it on the runway. That's my take anyway.


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