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Saturday, 10 April 2010

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Thank you for the feedback about some of changes to the layout.  I will continue to tweak with it to make it a bit more simple and user friendly.

As promised to myself and to you all, today was a productive day dedicated to a wardrobe clear out! But it was not all hard work.  B was out the door due to various commitments before I even woke up, so I walked down to my favourite neighbourhood cafe Las Chicas for a coffee, fresh juice and an eggs florentine.  I will do a proper review of this magnificent establishment at a later date.  It has been discovered by the masses and B is very impatient when he is hungry and doesn't like the wait for a table, but in my opinion, Las Chicas is certainly worth it - I'm there every chance I get!

Honestly, the hollandaise sauce is perfect and makes this meal!

So... back home to the wardrobe and this is what I began with!

Lately, everything was just placed back after it's worn in no particular order... I blame it on exhaustion at the end of each day when I can't wait to dive into bed and fall asleep.

Shoes languish at the bottom of the wardrobe :(

But not anymore!  Things are back in order.. suits, work dresses, tops, jackets are sorted together... belts have been sorted.  Shoes are back in their boxes!  Weekday clothes in the bedroom, play clothes in the spare room.

With that, I've rediscovered some old favourites and this is some of the stuff I'm looking forward to wearing over the coming, cooler months...

Helmut Lang shift dress with a low back... on it's own with a jacket or over tights and knits.  Got this at Century 21 in NYC last year... I found it difficult to shop over there as it was SO big, with so much to choose from that it gave me a head ache most of the time!!

French Connection angora cropped cardi

MK2K faux fur vest

The vest as styled in US Elle... love!

Black Halo dress - fell in love with when Lauren wore it in Paris on The Hills!!

YSL 'Lauren' suede booties

Sergio Rossi eel skin pumps.. a gift from my B :) These can be seen during the opening sequences of Devil Wears Prada when all the girls are getting ready - hahah toooootally random fact!

Mollini copies of the Chloe bow flats - these are totally knackered but I cannot let them go :(

I also cleaned out my underwear and tights draw and threw out 3 pairs!

On my shopping list for winter

  • a new, black pencil skirt (threw 3 out today which are too big and ill fitting).. saw one at Scanlan & Theodore and I think it maybe the one
  • new, black, fine knit turtle neck... S&T again, can't go wrong!
  • Wolford tights - I'm going to give in
  • Black sheer stay ups
  • A large, Burberry cashmere scarf
  • Another dress I can layer for winter
  • A MaxMara suit... June sales ;))

Clocking some couch time tonight - doing a double session a the gym tomorrow - body attack AND body balance... ouch!  Hope you're all having a fab weekend x


  1. I definitely need to redo my wardrobe. It is such a mess these days!
    I love redicovering old things when cleaning my closet.

  2. Well done!

    You are an inspiration. I so need to shop my wardrobe this season.

    Might start... next weekend :-P

    SSG xxx

  3. I possibly died when I saw your YSL boots :O :O :O

  4. I almost died when I saw them too, that's why I had to buy them!!! ;))

  5. Hi:)
    Throwing, and cleaning out your wardrobe is never wrong..I always have to much junk, or clothes i never wear...

    Really liked the vest...that was if you can buy, and send me a would be much appreciated...JUST KIDDING :)

    On a different note: changing layouts/trying different things are NEVER wrong in my opinion...thats what is so great about this blogginf learn what works, and not as you go along.

    The most interesting thing is learning how to communicate online...
    Have a smashing day - and keep your photos coming:)

    From a summary Oslo - Bye

  6. Love that fur vest!

    And Wolfords are the best!


  7. Oh I've been a bit slack and not done body balance for a few weeks and i miss it. Back to gym and bellydance next week for sure.

    As for your wardrobe clear out - well done. I did one, a bit half heartedly, the other weekend and I was impressed with my willpower to cull.

  8. love that vest!!!
    the YSL boots are hot! i think they're pretty timeless as well.
    you will get yearrrss out of them!
    i saw them in DJs but they were too high I was scared to even try them on!

  9. Now every time you go to your wardrobe you will smile and be happy that you sorted it - I am impressed too! And you won't regret the Wolfords - however if you can wait till the end of May I can get you a pair from here - or at least find out the equivalent dollar cost - am sure they are cheaper! x

  10. eeep, amazing wardrobe, love your gilet! Your blog is great, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx

  11. Great post! Loved seeing your closet and goodies -- and that breakfast looked AMAZING. We're now following.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  12. fab closet and clothes.loved the dresess and shoes and... everything!

    have a good day.


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