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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Modern Pearls

Did you know that about a century ago, Pierre Cartier exchanged a double strand necklace of natural pearls for a mansion on 5th Avenue that belonged to the financier Morton F Plant?  That mansion is now Cartier's flagshop store on 5th... Hmm Mrs Plant must have really wanted the necklace, eh?

I got a pair of pearl earrings from my aunt for my 12th birthday.  She got them for me because her aunt got her a pair of pearl earrings for her 12th birthday.  My aunt was born in New York City to Hungarian migrant parents.  She went to boarding school and converted to Judaism because her best friend was Jewish.  She was a high flying executive in the advertising world in Manhattan and after her husband died, she moved to California, where she met my uncle.  They were never married, but she is still my aunt.  Neither of them have children of their own and when I stayed with them for a month when I was 16, lets just say that I was spoilt rotten.  I think I got more gifts that Christmas than I have for the other 25 Christmases all together!  She is a complicated woman (and so am I) but one I admire, even though we are no longer on very good speaking terms.

The earrings sat in their little box until I was about 22 and I have pretty much worn them every day since then.  It is fair to say that my love affair for pearls has well and truly blossomed.  I have a lovely set of (unfortunately) faux pearl Mimco necklaces with a crystal clasp and ONE DAY I will add a few from Chanel, don't worry about that.


  1. I too absolutely love pearls, they set off the skin tone so well. I find that nowadays even the very young beans are wearing them! I have faux pearls, maybe one day I'll be a lucky Chanel pearl owner too...xx

  2. Pearls are wonderful - all kinds from real to faux - just love them ..... my Chanel ones are very special to me though.x

  3. Fun stories; gorgeous necklace!!


  4. this was such a lovely story! jewelry hand-me-downs are very common in my family, too. i think it makes the jewels all the more special!

  5. I am totally anti-most thing preppy, but I have a HUGE soft spot for pearl necklaces. Especially when they're Chanel! *heart* :)

  6. This is a beautiful post. I absolutely loved reading some about your heritage and the history behind these pearls, and WOW are they gorgeous. I also adore pearls, you lucky girl! :)


  7. That is so interesting about Cartier! These Chanel pearls are amazing.

    :) Marcie

  8. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Oh how neat thanks love it

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