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Monday, 17 May 2010

Nothing ignites my love affair with Manhattan more than Gossip Girl.. and the things that Lily has worn lately.


How fab is the hair

Benefits at the Public Library?  No recession for Gossip Girl

It's so cold, that even an outfit like this wouldn't keep me warm!



  1. Great outfits... - could you do your hair like this ? Looks good. BTW - will it get colder here this year do you think? At least it does get up to around 17 to 18 degrees in the middle of the day - not that bad!! Oh and thank you for putting on that Feedjit thingy on your blog about seeing who visits the blog. Its fascinating and I have put one on mine too now (at the very bottom of the page) - Love it!! x

  2. No way could I do that hair myself!! But I still love it!

    I think we're set for a cold winter cos we had such a long, warm summer. The nights are already really cold!


  3. lily always has lovely up dos
    did you watch the season finale?
    how funny was it when G revealed her secret?
    i think it was the outfit that made it look so funny.

  4. Yes I did watch the finale!! ARGH!!! It can't be his!!!! LOL

    The last 5 minutes almost gave me a heart attach 3 times!! Jenny, then G then CHUCK!!

  5. Okay YOUR BLOG IS GREAT!! I'm so glad you found me so I could find you!! I'm going to add you to my roll so we can keep in touch.

    In the meantime...I totally own Lily's sweater in the top two pictures...JAMES PERSE! That man is lethal. xo


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