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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

SATC 2: Premier

Just as important as the costumes in the film is what the girls will wear to the huge number of premiers.  And I absolutely love what they wore to NYC premier!  Simple, colourful and chic!  Cynthia typically gets the rough end of the stick but she looked spectacular, in my opinion!


  1. Hi there! I am still catching up on reruns of SATC ready for the film release. Knowing me I will be late to see it as I can't face the crowds just to be the first. But I will be there!
    Louise x

    P.S Just to let you know I left you a little blog award/tag thing on my blog :) Drop by if you get a mo. L x

  2. they all look great!
    i hope i stick to the glamour when im at their age.
    it takes dedication.
    i am v excited to see the movie.
    i couldn't get tickets until the week after next.
    gold class sold out so quickly!

  3. I think they look fab. and agree Cynthia always gets the rough end re : comments/non attention - think she is justlovely. x

  4. I'm soooooo looking forward to seeing that movie, but I have to agree with Louise - I'm not one for the big crowds either. I'll probably see it when it has run for a couple of weeks or so.

    Love all their dresses at the premiere. Saw SJP shot from another angle though, where the skirt of her dress was accidentally blown up by the wind while she was lifting it. She had her panties on full display for a moment there. Not quite so stylish, methinks.

  5. I love Samanta's gold one!
    Please check out my blog too!

  6. I think they all looked AMAZING and Kim (to quote The Zoe Lady) totally Shut It Down! Wow.. have fun at your premiere.. how fantastic! xx

  7. i absolutely love their dresses!!


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