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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Dinner @ Hellenic Republic

It's no secret that Melbourne has great Greek food and according to B, it's better than the Greek food in Greece.

One of our favourites is Hellenic Republic.  Uncomplicated, home-style Greek cooking. The food is simple, authentic Greek - dips, salads, spit, seafood, saganaki.  If you're hungry, definitely head there for a yummy meal.  It is however very loud, like a typical Greek taverna with an open kitchen.

It's cheap(ish). It's cheerful. There's no weird stuff, no modern interpretations, definitely no evidence of fusion. 

My photos are blurry as they were taken in a hurry as B think it's embarrassing when I pull out my camera in public, ha!

Outfit for the evening (hair looks orange due to lighting, I promise it's not like that "in person")

  • Scanlan & Theodore twill tunic.  If I wasn't so tall, this could work as a dress
  • Sass & Bide Rats
  • YSL booties
  • SG necklace

Generous serving to dip and saganaki with peppered figs

The busy open kitchen and a crowd of very varied diners - families, couples, tourists...

Our cosy little corner window

Yummy dessert

Again, apologies for the poor photography, all done with one shot, on auto!  Bad!!


  1. Hi ^^ I just wanted to tell u that i like your blog, it's very nice and interesting ^^
    That restaurant seems so good.
    I know how it is to "embarras" your friends when taking pictures in public places =]
    take care ^^

  2. love your outfit and that dessert looks DELISH!

  3. I only bought my mobile for the good camera feature, lol! I've been with my husband for... ummm.. almost 15 years & it doesn't embarrass him anymore; it just annoys him. lol! Will definately head to Lygon St to check it out.... it's been too long. Your top would be a full length dress on me! Ha, ha....I would swap my lack of height for your legs any day, ha, ha. Those boots are HOT! :)

  4. Looking fabbb!! Love the outfit!

  5. Thanks a million for the kind words!!

    My husband still finds me embarrassing, maybe he'll get used to it with time... x


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