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Friday, 21 May 2010

Specks for specs

I am on a search for a new pair of prescription glasses.

I used to have perfect eyesight then when I was 19 after a splendid, long summer I returned to university and suddenly could not see a thing.  I am currently on my 3rd pair and change them every two or so years. Two year anniversary is coming up in June.

The current pair is plain, thin framed and silver with a nose piece which digs into my nose and leaves an indentation and gives me a headache at the end of the day!  The previous pair was the infamous thick framed Pradas, but without the nose piece they were constantly slipping down my nose.  Plus the frame was a bit too thick for my round face.

So what now?

I think I want something in between.  My eyesight as deteriorated significantly, so they've become a necessity and the thought of contact lenses scares me.

I think I like the brown pair at the back of this photo, or something similar.  Anyone know of any good links for research/inspiration?

Only Gisele can make glasses look this amazing.

Actually, I think these D&G's fill the criteria!  AUD375


  1. gaaah i want those tortoiseshell ones :D

  2. I like the ones at the top of the first photo but they look like my infamous 24 dollar bargain tortoiseshell reading glasses! Love a new pair of glasses - have fun picking a pair! x

  3. Oh, this is a big deal! I remeber spending weeks choosing the ones I would like to wear. :-))) I would advice something without lettering - very elegant, of course, only you can decide on the final choice. have fun doing it!:-)

  4. This is like getting a new haircut, have to wear them every day. I like the last pair a lot. Really chic.

    Thank you for stopping by RHS. I really appreciate it & I love your blog. So good.

  5. yes! get those dolce ones!


  6. lovely blog!

  7. lovely blog!

  8. I agree I think the D&G are best too. Enjoy your new sec's which ever you end up with. Xxx

  9. i just bought a similar pair to those d&g ones! I dont know if they really suit me though...

  10. D&G is actually the kind of glasses that I own! I only wear them for driving or watching movies, but I like them. They are comfortable and stylish. I just never like what I look like in glasses, no matter what pair so I always try to avoid it. :) I agree, wish I could look as good as Giselle in mine! :)


  11. OMG they're all incredible, what great taste you have :) Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way!
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  12. Hi :)
    Getting new glasses are never easy...
    But the once i really loved are the black once...

    Have a great day - SP

  13. The D&G ones look like winners!

  14. I stopped wearing glasses and moved to contacts because glasses look SO stupid on me - wish I looked like Gisele in them!

  15. the tortoiseshell ones are pretty great! I love glasses on Gisele- but she can pull of anything xxx

  16. I have those exact D&G glasses only mine are the tortoiseshell ones! They also have bling on the sides. I am a sucker for bling

    Ms S xx

  17. Thanks for all your comments!!

    I too, unfortunately do not look very good in any style of glasses, but I have no choice as I cannot see without them.

    I will update you once I get a new pair, whichever pair they end up being!



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