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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No need for words...

J CREW VIA NAP!  All I need a free shipping code... wink wink NAP


  1. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  2. Hi girl:)
    I have a challenge for you:)

    How much does your online, and blogging life interact with your real life?
    Is it a big part of it?
    Is it really separate?
    Or is your blog a mechanism to improve your real life or your business?

    I will answer mine tomorrow:)

  3. Love the tapered crops and heels - not sure I could pull it off but she looks amazing.

    Really like your blog!

  4. OWWWW ! I miss J.Crew.

    I used to WORK NEXT DOOR... to them ... yes and I failed really to ever stock my wardrobe with J.Crew goodness. I just emailed them before about when they are planning to ship to Australia.

    Ms S xx

  5. on my way over to pick up some of their loot right now...enjoy!


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