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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Give away time!

My 200th post happened sometime last week, but my RSI prevented me from doing much on the computer.

Thanks to some lovely contacts, I am giving away a copy of The Accidental Renovator by Barbara Biggs...

I also have a heap of girly goodies to go with it... make up, fragrance samples, skincare, magazines!

The Accidental Renovator: A Paris Story" :
When Barbara Biggs, incorrigible writer, romantic and renovator, was in Paris just after the heat wave in 2003, she didn’t speak French and didn’t know anyone there. Instead of looking at art galleries and museums, she likes to look at real estate.

When she saw a cute little apartment overlooking a park, she asked the agent if he’d accept an offer. He said no. So, just for fun, she put in a ridiculous offer to enhance her buyer authenticity. She was thrown into chaos the next day when the agent rang to say it was hers.

Four months later, when settlement happened, she’d discovered that French builders are unreliable. She thought she’d be clever and bypass that problem by taking an Australian builder with her to renovate. Only trouble was, it was her next door neighbour who she’d only known three weeks and dated twice.
When they arrived in Paris a week later, neither spoke French, Bruce had no tools, no car and didn’t know where to buy anything. Within three days, they couldn’t stand each other.

To survive, Barbara had to meet people. She joined the Lazy Pigs Millionaire’s Club and met a swag of fascinating and eccentric Parisians. 

This story is about the underbelly of Paris social life with her nightmare renovation as a backdrop.
A funny and engaging story. Armchair tourism at it’s best.

I also have a heap of girly goodies to go with it... make up, fragrance samples, skincare, magazines!

Rules are simple:

1 entry for leaving a comment on this post, a bonus entry for being a follower.  Happy to ship anywhere in the world.

Don't be shy!  Good luck.

(Entries close 23:59AEST - 31 May 2010)


  1. Fab giveaway, darling!
    Congrats on your followers!


  2. Well that sounds like my kind of book - love all those 'I moved to Paris and this is all about my life there' books! Sorry to hear about your RSI. x

  3. hi- i just found you through *Loo,Boo and shoes*....& i have read all the last posts and love them...thought this was the post to say hi-yes i'm following and i def think Sex & the City 2 needs teo viewings for story line and then outfit analysis...even if i too have fairly low expectations....its the best way to see that film then its always going to be better! i'm living *abroad* as they say here...not in a little french apartment- although the ones i've stayed in i would have happly *moved* would love to read this book....have you heard of *the book depository*? it ships all over the world for free!
    going for a bit more of a read...
    melissa ....


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