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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Brisbane Culinary Adventures

Hello all!

Over the weekend I made a quick dash to Brisbane to spend some time with my parents.  I haven't seen them since January and was missing them a lot.  Even though we've lived apart for 3 years, it has not become any easier.

One thing we always do, is eat out when we're together!

We decided to go to Il Posto in Paddington for some yummy Italian.  The decore and menu are simple, the service always excellent and the food YUMMY!

I had the Duck Pasta a.k.a. pappardelle all’ anatra - duck & porcini mushroom ragu, fresh parsley, thyme...

And even though we always intend to have dessert with dinner, we make a bee line for Freestyle Tout.  Without a doubt the best and most generous desserts you will EVER have for under $15!  I'd say it's a dessert platter!  And the coffee is very good too - this coming from a picky coffee drinker. 

B and I are going up together for the long weekend next month, so lots of food again with mum, dad and lil bro (who only comes with us when B is in town, as he's "too cool" read: an 18 year old boy.

My creme brulee in the centre, served with an amazing vanilla ice cream and berry compote and a raspberry sorbet.

And that's mum's apple and raspberry crumble, vanilla custard, berry compote and more vanilla icecream.


  1. Oh wow! Such deliciousness both savoury and sweet.... Am going to note these places for when I am next in Brisbane! x

  2. Hi:)
    I am such a sucker for coffee pictures:)

    Have a nice day - SP


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