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Thursday, 25 March 2010


The mornings are starting to get chilly, so finally my mind is turning to the winter wardrobe.  As I'm chained to a desk, my outlet is my Saturday wardrobe, when I go out for breakfast, wander through the park/museum/city/suburban shopping strips/markets... I write, take photos.. namely, do things for me.

I love love love LOVE this look, perfect for all of the above.

Why do I love it?

  • I adore the hair colour
  • I adore the felt hat - I hate washing my hair on Saturday mornings as I like to be out the door ASAP making the most of my day, so the hat hides bad hair days.  A beret does the job too.
  • As I wear pretty tops under the corporate garb, I like to throw on a plain tee on the weekend and be off and away
  • I'm always cold, so I need a coat and this one is camel! Love
  • Boots... flat... over the knee... what's not to love?
I'm also loving this scarf from Witchery... 

I'm so looking forward to this coming Saturday.  The sun is still shining and B is spending the day watching F1 cars (zzzz), so I'm going to wander to my favourite shops in the morning and see friends in the afternoon.


  1. Hi there-love this picture too, the outfit is so inspirational!!

  2. Love the outfit... Know what you mean about cars too... Mr SE going to Grand Prix Sunday...I am at PEONY (Auburn Rd. Hawthorn) on Saturday if you fancied coming over to have a look around... x

  3. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Beautiful outfit

  4. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Beautiful outfit


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