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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Exciting news!!

I have received accreditation to attend L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival which commences in only a couple of days to do some reporting and photography for my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the email yesterday and I was running around the house like mad!!  Over the next few days I will know my schedule.

But what am I going to WEAR!!!  I know my YSL boots will get their first outing, and I have a lot of accessories that I will debut, but otherwise I have no idea!

So much for my shopping detox, I think I need to go shopping for a few new season pieces.

Some of the ideas swirling through my LMFF imaginary wardrobe are... s&b rats.. loose tanks/tees, vests, statement necklaces/cuffs/bangles/oversized watches/cocktail rings... I also want a dress thrown in there somewhere!

The big difference with LMFF is that it's also open to the public, with tickets available to be purchased for some events.  Obviously there's pros and cons with that but sometimes it's nice to make it accessible to the public and make it seem as though it's within our reach.

I also need to make up some cards for my blog and do it pronto... anybody have any ideas?



  1. Congrats! That sounds so exciting. I'm looking forward to when you post pictures!

  2. Oh thats so exciting! I'm attending too, I've only just decided what I'm wearing - it was a massive decision. Can't wait to see your posts to follow :)
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  3. Very exciting... many congratulations and cannot wait to read your reports from there!

  4. Congrats, how cool! Looking forward to reading about your experience.

  5. Oh congratulations! How exciting!

  6. Anonymous10:50 am

    Oh so much fun love getting the invites in the mail yay!!! Take millions and millions of photos

  7. Thanks for your support girls.



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