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Saturday, 13 March 2010

New York memories... Part I

1 year ago exactly B and I were on our way to NYC.

I had wanted to go to NYC since I could remember.  I'd been to the US a few times before but never went to go to NYC as I was a poor student and I knew I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.. shopping, fancy restaurants and bars etc.

The decision was made spur of the moment too.  Qantas had 2 for 1 international airfares, so I emailed  B while we were both at work and the conversation went like this:

Me: Honey, can we pleaseeeeeeeee go to NYC??
Him: Yeah I'm sure we'll get there
Me: Can we go soon??
Him:  How soon?
Me: How about April/March
Him: lol
Me:  Qantas has a 2 for 1 sale, pleaseeeeeee
Him: Ah alright

So I booked it while we were both at work, we didn't even speak about it in person!  Spontaneous much??

We did a few days in Vegas & LA on the way home cos B had never been.  I'd been to both previously and wasn't really a fan of either.

We stayed in Chelsea.  All the attractions are so spread out that no matter where you stay you will have to travel to see everything, so stay wherever you want!

Here's some photos of some of my favourite things and places (didn't have my SLR unfortunately)

A bagel from Murray's Bagels EVERY SINGLE MORNING for 10 days! More scream cheese than bagel, but SO good!

Visiting Times Square for the first time on a Saturday night.  You have to do it once in a life time, words do not do it justice.

Spotting The Naked Cowbow at Times Square within 5 minutes and having a photo with him (that's not me above in the photo btw!)!  We passed through many more times but didn't see him.  So glad B spotted him on our first night.

Having cocktails and dinner at Tao - made complete by their famous Fortune Cookie mousse as dessert.  It's seriously HUGE one side milk and the other white chocolate mousse.  I still dream about it!  I made our booking about 5 weeks before we left, but it's definitely worth it.

Carrie Bradshaw's steps.  Yes it's just an ordinary brownstone and normal people live in there.. poor things.

Magnolia Bakery.  We went in mid March and it was great as there was no lines for anything.. not for cupcakes, or Top of the Rocks... rock star treatment all the way.

Seeing gorgeous fashionable women (and lots of models) in Soho.

The history and the architecture (yes that's me in the photo!!) teehee

The patriotism on Wall St and near WTC

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a cold, cold late winter day.

Some guy on Canal St trying to sell me a fake Rolex for USD100.  You're dreamin' buddy!

Spending 2 hours in Henri Bendel and only being able to afford a headband, which was still crazy at USD60+++!! lol

The Manhattan sky line.

Random little things

Posing in central park.

Amazing museums.

(Window) shopping at Saks.  Check out the sale pricetag on this fur coat!

The Public Library (SATC movie anyone??)

Too many photos.. so I will do a second post


  1. Wow, these photographs are great - so atmospheric - made me think I was almost there - wonderful!! Can't wait to see some more too... Scream Cheese... - so funny - love it!

  2. It makes me want to go back :(

    Alas I'm at home on a Saturday night with the flu. Boohoo

  3. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Gosh, these photos make me miss New York. Such an amazing, electric city. I loved the bagels with cream cheese and lox, I would be the size of a house if I lived there!

    Love the pics and look forward to seeing more.


  4. Gorgeous pictures and wonderful memories! You make me sooo want to go back... I think about it everyday! x


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