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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


L'oreal is the buzz word this week isn't it?

I got a tiny sample in Vogue so tried it under my make up yesterday morning as I had the time.  When not using tinted moisturiser I use Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, which I love, except that I get a shiny face a few hours into my day no matter what the weather's like outside.

I had been running around all day and night in the head with no time to powder and when I got home after a 14 hour day, my face was shiny, EXCEPT for the t zone area where I had applied the primer!

Yes it retails for AUD39.95, while it's USD12.95 in the States (!!!!!!!!!) (which is about AUD15), so yes it's expensive for a pharmacy brand, but it does what it says it will a lot better than any other primer I tried.

I used the resurfacing one which goes on like a smooth cream and my foundation followed on nicely.  I've got myself a jar so I'll see how it goes as I continue to use it.

There are two product variations


  • Unique texture, fills fine lines and masks pores

  • Skin looks smoother and feels resurfaced

  • Ideal for normal to dry skin


  • Wrinkles, open pores and fine lines disappear

  • Beautiful matte, smooth and velvety finish

  • Idea for oily to slightly oily skin


  1. Very interesting, indeed! I did a post about this primer last week, after reading it won the Mail Online's "Beauty Oscar". It's not yet for sale in Norway (Norwegian stores are the slowest, really!), but I am sooo buying this in New York next month.

    Thanks for clarifying that there are two, didn't know that. I'll make sure to get the right one.

    Australian prices seem to be roughly the same as here. Much more expensive than in the US. Come to think of it, if I stocked up on beauty products in the US for all of the coming year, I'd probably have saved so much it would cover my next ticket there.

  2. Glad you have done a post about this primer... thank you - really want to try it. x

  3. Anonymous3:45 pm

    I just wanted to say I'm loving, loving, loving your LMFF coverage at the moment. You're definitely doing one of the best jobs out there.

  4. Wow, is it really that good? I may have to try it now as well.

  5. Anonymous3:31 am

    Oh awesome cause I've been looking for a new primer product to try

  6. definitely interested to learn more about this. i use smashbox photofinish primer and it's awesome, but a bit too pricey for my liking. if the loreal is good definitely let me know, i'd love to switch! xx

  7. I most definitely like it! It may not be perfect for everyone but it works for me, even if it is very expensive for L'oreal!

    And yes Sniff you're right - make sure you go nuts! When I went last year the exchange rate was really bad so it wasn't really much cheaper, but at the moment I'd be having a field day!


  8. I've been dying to get hold of some of this stuff so think I may have to give it go now. It's never in my local pharmacy so think I may start looking on line. Thanks for a great review! x


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