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Saturday, 13 March 2010

New York memories... Part II

Windows at Saks on 5th Ave.

Being able to touch the ENTIRE Lanvin collection with my paws.

The extreme wealth (don't worry I don't support fur trade, but this is part of the Manhattan experience in winter)

Skating at Rockefeller Center

Views from Top of the Rock

Not saying no to really extremely rich, naughty and delicious treats, cos you never know if you'll ever have the chance to taste them again!

5th Ave

Zara.  Enough said.

Couture (cos you do need to find something to wear to The Met Gala)

Central Park

Kids with their nannies feeding ducks.

Dog walkers with the most divine canines.  

 Spending 4 hours inside The Frick.  Was only in NYC for 10 days so didn't have time for The Met and The Frick is divine.  One of my top 3 things in Manhattan.

A second visit to Magnolia Bakery

Walking past the Marc Jacob's store on Bleecker and seeing two ladies out the front trying to figure out if it was a florist.

Can't wait to go back!


  1. Oh, what stunning photos! I leave for the US in 4 weeks and can hardly contain myself! Your photos have just made me even more excited, I can't wait to arrive in NY!
    Looks like you had a great time! <3

  2. These photos are very interesting, and kind of a little present. The views from Top of the Rock could be breathtaking!

  3. I'm going, I'm going! April 14th I'll be on my way to New York. Only one month left, can't wait!

    Great watching these photos, they only add to the excitement I'm feeling about the upcoming trip.

  4. My first favorite city in the world. <33 xx

  5. Love these photos too.... How gorgeous - adored The Frick Collection when I went (years and years ago now it seems).... Yummy cupcakes and your comment made me laugh about the ladies trying to figure out if Marc Jacobs was a florists!! :-) x
    p.s. have a good Sunday and do hope you are well on the mend now.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I'd love to go to NY.

  7. Just love NYC. Every time I go when I leave I'm ready to go back ASAP. Hope you are well. Happy Weekend.


  8. Anonymous1:11 am

    Oh I just love NY they have the best shops

  9. Thanks for all the comments lovelies. Some great memories indeed.

    @Sniff - so jealous you're going soon. A friend from work is currently there.. Sigh

  10. what great photos! you make me miss that city.
    and those cupcakes!

    x Emily


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