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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Anna versus Carine

Are these two women a complete mystery to everyone else as they are to me?  Wouldn't you love to get inside their minds.  I subscribe to US Vogue and peruse French Vogue at Borders about 3 months later and I cannot help but compare the huge contrasts between the two ladies.  Granted they cater to different markets but they do both sell the dream to millions of women (and men) around the world.

You just have to look at the respective February 2010 covers to see the contrast.  Carine is all fashion - Daria gracing the cover which features Kate Moss and Tom Ford.  Anna is milking the celebrity with all her might.  A very Ralph Lauren ad looking Jessica Biel and stories of mistresses, sex, valentine's day and what to wear on a date.  Since when did Vogue start believing that you're a failure without a date for Valentine's?

And then you see these images!

Anna holding a crisis meeting in Paris (Carine's turf), trying to rescue the state of French fashion.  And you realise just how powerful she is.

Anna looks like the bride and Carine like the bridesmaid.


  1. Very interesting comparison!

    Even if I don't speak French, I'd get the French Vogue and use the Google Translator any day over the US version. I've just about had it with the celebs on the covers and all the articles about relationships and sex. I want fashion and beauty, not the third story of some obscure actress in just as many months or "How to please your man in bed". Can't the fashion bibles leave that for girlie mags like Cosmo or Glamour?

  2. Love this post! I wish I had the time and/or dedication to bother writing about comparisons and critiquing vogue. Maybe I'll take a leaf out of your book and actually write about something interesting on my blog haha. Keep it up sweetie, I love reading your posts.
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  3. thanks for your comment! I really lke your blog!!! =)! I will follow you!!!

    I like much more Carine... I see her... more natural...

    see you

  4. I agree with everything you said. I don't like US Vogue at all, and I think Carine does a much better job. It is meant to be a fashion magazine after all.. Anna needs to take some risks.

    But then again, Americans are celebrity obsessed so I suppose you do have to take the cultural differences between the two countries into account...

  5. Team Carine all the way. She is so effortlessly chic whereas Anna seems a little too "done up" and rigid. This was an interesting comparison especially with the covers. They are so different visually and content wise!

  6. So fascinating ... love that Carine sort of oozes sex and Anna is reserved but does fight for fashion and designers and always has an available hand for young designers. It's a wonderful world.

  7. Both are incredible editors. But they have different approaches. Anna more mainstream, Carine more high fashion. xx


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