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Sunday, 21 February 2010

This made me laugh...

Many people have a secret fashion dream. They might want to be the number one collector of vintage ties, or to own the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's, or maybe to single-handedly bring back the skort. That is, skirts with in-built shorts. I had one, so practical. However, any serious fashionista, the ones who comb through Paris Vogue and put together outfit storyboards, who make "investment" purchases, work in "the industry" or dream about it, have fashion blogs and cite Kate Moss or Alexa Chung as their "style icon", generally have one common, focused dream. It is one that truly validates their personal aesthetics, and might just transform them into a style icon themselves. It is, of course, to be snapped on the street by fashion blogger Scott Schuman, aka the Sartorialist.

-The Age


  1. So, so true. That is my fashion dream too! Lol.

    I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  2. I believe my fashion dreams are:
    1) to have a computerised wardrobe like Cher on Clueless
    2) to go on a massive shopping spree with unlimited money

    When I was 16 I wanted to dress like Cher from Clueless too, but now I don't follow individual fashion icons, I'd rather draw inspiration from a number of sources.

  3. It made my laugh too...
    I don't have such fashion dreams to "follow" a celeb icon. I am an icon for myself (but not on egoistic way, just to be true for my being) and filter the possibilities to find those things that express my personality which is mainly inspired by philosophy, poetry and literature.

    Thank you for the shopping net address! I'm sure I will use it, it is a great idea service! Have a nice Sunday to you &:)!

  4. hahahahahaha!!! So very funny and yes, true but not for me... but I wouldn't say no if *"the Sart" shoots me.

    Silverbeige says what I wish to say, so well.

    What is my fashion [blog] dream? Hmm... something to ponder...

    My fashion dream would be for Sergio Rossi, Viktor & Rolf, House of Margiela, a few others to give me their shoes every season. Just give them to me. The whole range, each season. Realistic yes?

    *apparently calling him Scott isn't cool enough...


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