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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Victoria Beckham Fall 2010

Love her or loathe her (I love her), Mrs Beckham's collection has been a standout during a somewhat slow start to NYFW. 

Reportedly a cold person, who we know never smiles, she greeted all the editors as they came to the show, in contradiction to the other designers who are trying to to control the bedlam of backstage.  She has spent time studying the art of design, as well as fabric, construction and cut. 

In my opinion, there's not a bad dress in the whole collection and best of all, it's all wearable (even if very expensive and almost impossible to get a hold of!).  It's suitable for work, a dinner or a red carpet event.


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  1. yep, she knows how to make a flattering dress.

  2. These dresses are all so classy and sexy. I could imagine Victoria wearing each one. Great post!

  3. Yep I see what you are saying...each dress is just a stand-alone, classic creation, I like them all...

  4. I'm with you .... I love her clothes!

  5. I am a Posh fan - I think she would be fun to know.

    I love the clothes - especially having looked at quite a few items, and thinking "I could wear that." Which NEVER happens with runway clothes - I look at them, and think one of 2 things:

    1 - that's great art.

    2 - that'd never work on a real person.

    Of course models are people, but they are also genetically different to the rest of us - they are super-tall and super-slim.

    Posh's clothes are imminently wearable, and I think she has done a wonderful job. All hail Mrs Beckham!

  6. OMG! Love them and would wear them! These are absolutely my style.Thx for sharing.


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