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Thursday, 18 February 2010

As I've mentioned previously I catch two trams to work and two trams home.  We really have been spoilt for warm weather in Melbourne lately so I sometimes catch only one tram home and walk the other route.  Today I walked (half) of the Chapel Street route to check out some of my favourite stores up the other end of the Street, like TL WoodWhite Suede etc and go into JB to get another copy of Amelie, as I cannot find my original copy.

I bought B a set of golf clubs the other week, so I am now a golf widow - he plays every chance he gets!  I had hoped to use tonight's me time to plan some meals, list some things on eBay, do some washing... but instead I am catching up on NYFW, watching recorded olympic coverage and eating Isleri... oooops.

Isleri are naughty Serbian biscuits with a cream hazelnut filling, smothered in chocolate. YUM!


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  2. Where can I get me some of those biscuits?

  3. Love this post, and I love walking when the weather is nice! Oh and how funny that your uncle lives in La Jolla, I love San Diego! :)


  4. Those Isleri look really fab - I could do serious damage to a packet of those right now!


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