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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

I've had such a busy week - between friends, work and the winter olympics I've neglected Fashion Week.

My one and only saviour has been the iPhone application that I've used to stay up to date as I've been travelling to work and walking down the street.

I stuggle with winter - I am not a cold weather person at all (unless I am in NYC, when nothing bothers me!) and I'm ever increasingly disappointed with fall collections which provide me zero inspiration for staying warm.  I do realise that fashion was never meant to be practical, but darn it, it sometimes should be!

Marc Jacobs is the king of layering and I always turn to him for winter inspiration and I was pleased with the variations in his new collection.. there were heels and flats and boots, pretty dainty colours, girly dresses and also feminine power suits and fur coats.  The entire set set was made out of cardboard - very cool!  And the prime colour was gray.  Double cool.  We continue to see the trend in wearable clothes, even some critics call it safe, somebody has to buy it.  There comes a point when fashion has to stop being mythical.  There was enough shiny, unwearable trash in there to provide a decent balance.


  1. I have such a thing for fur right now (faux of coarse) it's comfortable and so freaking fabulous ... and hey, it keeps you warm so that answers both your prayers :)
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  2. LOVE everything!! so amazing!


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