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Monday, 1 February 2010

Big ones

The first day of February, bought with it my subscriber issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar.

That is the news stand cover.  Mine is a more demure, black and white shot (the shot on the left alone, in fact) and for a second I thought it was the OTHER Kate.

There's shiny new campaigns - 4 pages of Lara for LV, the pretty watercolour Prada, stunning all white Gucci which makes me want to go to Europe over the northern summer.  I know I published an image of the Hermes campaign, but the remainder of them are divine.  So soft and feminine.  And the feature on Anna Harrison is so pretty and inspiring.

There's ads for new skincare/make up, like Dior's new Diorshow Extase, which I'm ITCHING to try, Lancome's L'Absolu Creme de Brillance.

Cue is looking a lot better this season.  It seems to be moving away from the stupid taffeta and more fashion forward.  Now I want a Max Mara coat for winter. HELP! What happened to m detox??

According to Bazaar, the rules of the upcoming season revolve around

  • ruffles (tick)
  • new minimalism - less is more
  • safari suiting
  • back to basics
  • sporty
  • world traveller
  • cut outs
  • soft - colours and fabrics.. romantic
  • pastels.. sorbets...
  • crystals
  • leather.. move over jersey
  • clogs (noooooo)
  • trench
  • skinny belts
  • short hemlines - it's still all about the legs
  • crisp whites
  • raw edges
  • lixe lingerie
  • techno prints
  • statement necklaces (SG necklace I've been lemming for a month here I come!)
Thankfully it's pay week.



  1. Oh, fashion magazines are so addicting! :) Hope you had a great weekend, Love!


  2. Don't spend up too big!
    It's so hard not to ... thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

  3. Clogs??!! No!!??

    Love your blog, great name for a blog too.

    I just this morning booked train tickets for Paris (without children!) for April....yippee!!

    I too love it when my new subscriptions arrive at the beginning of the month :)

    LOVE your Olivia P post....I am just fascinated by her and her wardrobe is just to-die-for isn't it!! I am dying to see if she gets fired from Elle!

    What gorgeous beach!

    Glad to be a follower :)

    PS Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

  4. I avoid magazines because they make me want to spend even more money! Usually on stuff I will never use.

    But I do love to look at the sumptuous ads, and fashion shoots.

  5. I could read fashion mags all day, there addictive, I'm loving the rise of the pretty this season, it makes a change to all the boyish clothing that been around for a while, oh and I'm loving your blog by the way xxxx

  6. Sounds like a great issue. I might have to go out an buy it now.
    I agree with them: pastels are definitely in.

  7. I avoid fashion magazines too, because I do not like when the media tries to manipulate me with their actual dictated lines, trends.
    I just collect inspirations from the net which has a larger scale of fashion assortment and do not focuses on the present trends only. I cand find sg. that matches with my style, instead of enforcing it. &:)

    Have a nice day to you!!!

  8. Love Kate Hudson, such a classy lady!
    Have scrolled down your blog, great pics you have, love what you are doing with it.

    Have a super day!

  9. wonderful! she was on the cover of the Jan issue here. kate is so adorable, and the editorial was fabulous :)

    xo Niki

  10. I'm just discovering your blog which I find great !
    Very nice post*°*°*°
    (thanks to Silverbeige)

  11. Raw edges? Win. This means I can be lazy with my DIYs. Great run-down of the trends - may be useful since I'm planning a shopping spree! :)

  12. @Rachel, I'm hooked too. I can't say no to the pretty glossiness.


    @Marina - I promise I won't :P

    @Simone - I am infinityyyyyyyyyyyy jealous about Paris!!

    Thank you all for taking the time to visit/comment



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