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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Valentine's Day

The romance of Valentine's Day always sucks me in.

I always imagine receiving a bunch of roses and a card and some sparkly jewelry and perhaps a pair of nude, patent Christian Louboutin 100mm Simples.  (size 41 if you're reading honey)

But no.  It never happens.  Apparently Valentine's Day is just a Hallmark gimmick (well yes it probably is, but a girl can still hope).

It doesn't help when Net A Porter sends you an email that looks like this.... full of my favourite things... macaroons, sparkles, nude Louboutins, champagne roses...


  1. It's all so pretty!

  2. On Valentine's, all the girls in college are going out for a drink and then having a night in with a pyjama party and girly films - never mind that we're supposed to be adults!

  3. I just looked at my calendar - I am going to a kite festival and teddy bear fly-in (bears drop in from a helicopter, so cool) on Valentine's Day.

    Maybe The Mister will be inspired while I am out of the house, and cook me something romantic?


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