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Monday, 15 February 2010

Lawson's Grove

Nestled amonst the high brow elite of South Yarra is Lawson's Grove Shop -  a corner store turned cafe hidden amongst the cool Hollywood style apartments off Darling Street.  
Don't be fooled by the narrow entry cramped with tables and chatter - it opens up inside to a lovely, mostly communal dining space.  
The all day breakfast consistants of a simple menu, including gluten free muesli, pancakes, toast with home made jams as well as eggs with a myrid of choices of extras.  I think it's a genius idea, much better than stuffing "big breakfast" plates that people pick at and don't finish.  This way, you can choose exactly what you want and be sure to finish it, craving more!
I'm usually on team poached eggs, but yesterday I opted for crambled - honestly the best I've ever had.  The eggs were light and fluffy and cooked to absolute perfection and they were seasoned mouth wateringly right.  Yum.
Inside, the display cabinets were lined with wonderful cakes, pastries, muffins and tarts.  The lemon is seriously recommended.  
The crowd was an intimidating bunch - young singles and couples and those having finished a lap of the tan - the quinetessential South Yarra types.  I overheard stocke broking conversations, saw keys to a Porsche and saw a lovely blonde clutching a Birkin.
Apart from the small portions it's a perfect place to enjoy the Sunday papers   Sunday papers, relax and people watch.  



  1. Hope your valentines day was wonderful!

    Btw, you look gorgeous in your Scanlan and Theodore dress!

  2. I really enjoy seeing pictures from the places other bloggers live! Thanks for the inspiration, I'll make sure to take some from my city too and put up on my blog.


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