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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Last days of summer...

I'm enjoying the tail end of the warm weather in Melbourne... I know the end is very near.  I've been walking home from work (well half way as I have to catch two trams, so I catch one and walk the other route) in order to absorb some of the lovely rays of sunshine.

Although I am stuck in the corporate world, I can get away with dressing down a little bit when I've got no meetings.

I took my nautical cardi for an outing again :)

(Bardot cardi, Scanlan & Theodore spaghetti strap pinafore dress)

I don't do gladiator sandals.  Too Russel Crowe.  These are on their last leg (pardon the pun), but it's the best I've been able to find.
(witchery sandals - the nail polish is OPI - Didgeridoo Your Nails - a purple with a gold metallic shimmer)

I am also slowly ticking off all the items on that Sportgirl wishlist I posted about the other night :)

I got the brooch too, but that beauty deserves it's own post!!


  1. Anonymous5:14 am

    I love nautical items like that, really need to get myself a striped cardi!

    p.s I would sooo want a brooch like that, I would pay! haha

  2. Love that ring! And I have added the polish on your toes to my 'Buy in 2010' list.

  3. Cute cardi! Can't wait for mine to arrive :) x Sushi


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