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Monday, 2 August 2010

Birthday Week

Friday is B's birthday.  But forget the day, he deserves a week.  Last year a few days before his birthday, his grandmother was involved in a terrible car accident, which meant that he spent his birthday in the waiting room of the ICU with the rest of the family not knowing for weeks what would happen to her.  It was his first birthday that we were to spend together, but it was not to be, so this year I plan to make up for it.  He doesn't read this blog, but in case he does I'm not giving too much away.

Unfortunately the upcoming week is also really busy for me.  The to-do is brimming!

Lots from column 1 and not a lot from column 2 I'm afraid.


There's a lot of ironing to action.  And I mean a lot.


An urgent after hours meeting to repair the damages that are threatening to ruin September's gala dinner and concert that I'm co-hosting.  So much to do, so little time!  So many things going wrong.


Dinner & exhibit with B at the museum...

And hopefully having time to bake B's favourite cake for his birthday...


Desert Flower premier... B gets to come along!!  I need to head there right after work, so the office-to-party outfit conundrum is making me sweat!  Zero ideas!


Cooking, cooking, cooking!! And hosting a few friends (in our tiny apartment!!) for B's birthday.  And I'm hoping that nobody ruins the surprise for him!

I love entertaining.. I wish I had a bigger space to be able to do it properly... I'll have to make do I suppose.

Hope you all have a fabulous week, and hopefully I get some time to post/visit your blogs.  



  1. I really am extra jealous that you get to see 'Desert Flower', I just hope you won't find it too sad or else you'll be actioning a lot of nose wiping! I'm sure b will have a fab day and your cake will be delish! Have an awesome week x

  2. I came across your blog the other day and am now following on bloglovin, i adore it!!

    Your week is so busy but so excited! Enjoy it! Desert Flower looks amazing!!

  3. aw, happy birthday to b! i think what you have planned for the week sounds so fun!!

  4. Hi girl:)
    Loved that post, and the photos were amazing....

    Hope you have enough time to breath:)

    Have a good day . SP

  5. Lovely post. I love your final quote. Hope B's birthday went well. Xxxx


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