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Monday, 9 August 2010

Catherine McNeil for Vogue Australia September 2010

One can't help but be mesmarised by the beauty of this much awaited editorial featuring Miss McNeil.  She grew up a few suburbs away from me and I remember seeing her and Miranda Kerr around Brisbane all the time!  Miranda always ate fries after school.

I love the feminine, 50's Mad Men feel.  But I'm amused at Miss McNeil's tattoos being airbrushed to oblivion.

But Australia's September fashion magazines should be featuring upcoming summer trends shouldn't it, not AW Vuitton? 

Which begs the question about Australian fashion and just how uninfluential it is.  It's sad when the next big thing is virtuall just copying Rick Owens.  Our seasons are 6 months behind that's true, but why can't we be ahead in the fashion stakes by 6 months?  We have what we have fashion talent wise, it is what it is... but should the publications be supporting these designers and should they be championing Aussie fashion anyway?  Kristie Clements and Tim Blanks made it no secret that they were dissatisfied with what they saw at fashion week, but does that give them the right to pretty much feature NO Australian design talent in the premier fashion issue of Australian Vogue?  Is it really that dire?  I for one didn't mind the upcoming summer collections, but what would I know?  I just buy and wear the stuff...

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  1. I really enjoyed this post.

    Thank you for sharing the Vogue images.

    You have raised interesting points about where Australian designer fashion is in the context of the world's industry. Our high street is relatively protected at the moment which is why I think it gets so much coverage in all the local magazines.

    Hoever, I think the Australian high street is going to get shaken up with both Gap and Zara arriving in quick succession. Interesting times. Will our local brands step up to meet the competition or will we get a watered down version of the imports.

    SSG xxx

  2. WOW, absolutely stunning!


  3. Oh she's so gorgeous, perfect for spring! And by that I mean you are so right about the Louis Vuitton AW stuff, not quite right. Any way, great post, loved reading it!
    xx. Peach Princess ♥

  4. she looks so different here.
    i didn't imagine she'd look so good doing a vintagey feel shoot.
    such a beauty!!

    meanwhile your daylesford photos are making me so jeally.
    i want spa and food indulgence NOW!

  5. I appreciate the vintage elements in this shoot. She's very glamorous and diva-like;-)

  6. she looks like Linda Evangelista!

  7. Loved those dresses!

    And the photos were just perfect!


  8. She is truely stunning: the spread is lovely.

    And you have bought up such an interesting point.

  9. I thought this Vogue issue was incredible, not just based on the Vuitton collection but capturing an ongoing movement towards more polished and sophisticated styles...the rockabilly editorial was a standout for me as one wouldn't normally expect something so 'alternative' from Vogue (& I can't imagine most of their readers will be swapping their heels for creepers any time soon!). No tattoo cover ups in this one, AND the inclusion of local musicians.

    Many Australian designers are often considered to be 6 mo ths ahead, rather than behind, their European counterparts. It just doesn't make sense to compare them to established luxury houses, and Vogue could certainly search further afield for lesser-know Aus designers to add to the mix.

  10. Anonymous3:43 am

    I enjoyed looking at her photos. I am not a fan of her face but her attitude towards fashion and her body structure is leaving me speechless.


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