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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Seasons are a changing...

I've spent a few minutes browsing my favourite northern hemisphere online retailers and sighed in despair as everyone was preparing for autumn/winter, whereas spring is about 3 weeks away in Melbourne.  This morning it's beautiful and sunny, and I'm about to start making french toast using my dad's recipe.  Maybe I'll post some photos!

Don't get me wrong, I hate winter, but the upcoming trends would make it manageable, if only just.

Days are still cold and I long to add all the latest A/W looks to my days, but what's the point?  By the time they arrive, there won't be much point and by the time next autumn arrives, they'll long be forgotten, languishing somewhere in my wardrobe while I stress about having nothing to wear AGAIN.

One of my favourite shows during the AW 2010 collections was Ralph Lauren - so ME and so WEARABLE.  Loved the greys, the browns, the tweeds with a touch of floral and colour.

This is what I wish to work on Monday.  Warm layers... bless!


  1. The A/W collections are gorgeous this year and I have never thought about people like yourself, living in another part of the world and preparing for their spring and summer wardrobes as we prepare for colder days and layers. Have a great summer, we only have a few weeks of ours left x

  2. i had never really thought about how your seasons are so opposite, i wouldn't know what to do either!


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