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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wishful Wednesday

This Wednesday I wish that I had more money to do the things I really want to do. You know the saying, work to live, not live to work?

I also wish that the alarm clock didn't exist.  Interrupted sleep is world's worst invension.  Snooze!

all photos via trumblr


  1. I HATE my alarm clock! I wish I could sleep until I decided to wake up!

    xo Marcie

  2. I agree! Wouldn't it be nice to get paid to take a year off and do whatever you want? Going sailing sounds fun and that first photo is stunning!

    Have a lovely Wednesday :)

  3. Thanks for the tip regarding GAP!!

    Love this post - I can relate.

    SSG xxx

  4. I am right there with you - seems the wrong way round in life. All we can do is maximise weekends and holidays I guess! Take care, L x

  5. Don't you just hate when the alarm goes off and you still think its the middle of the night!?! And the snooze button goes too fast as well.... x

  6. haha i don't like the alarm either, and i'm a snooze button hitter which makes it worse!

  7. Totally agree with you. I despise my alarm clock. I hit it at least three times every morning.

  8. I've got some time off work at the moment and haven't used an alarm clock in over a week. Its heaven.

  9. Gorgeous post, darling!

    I wish alarm clocks were never invented...


  10. I had a very wishful Wednesday myself, thank God Thursday was better or I probably would have been on expedia looking at flights I can't afford. The pics are lovely, except the alarm clock which makes me want to reach thru my screen, grab it and throw it against the wall. Sleep is a lovely thing.

    Hope your Thursday was better!!

    xoxo, Ashley

  11. With you all the way - My alarm clock and I have a love/hate relationship as in I love to hate it. xx

  12. Beautiful snaps! And I've just recently gotten rid of my alarm clock. My life has now improved exponentially (;

    Thanks for stopping by La Couturier! I've just recently launched my new website & blog, A Bit Coquettish. I'd love for you to drop by - after two years, I've [finally!] dropped my guise of anonymity! Take a peek? (;


  13. PS. I left you an award in my recent post! xx


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