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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hello Australia

You'd forgive people for thinking that in Australia, riding a kangaroo is a form of transport.  You'd forgive people for thinking that Sydney is the nation's capital.  You'd forgive them if they didn't know that we can go swimming at a beach, or skiing at the slopes all within a couple of hours of each other.

But if you were a major company launching in Australia, wouldn't you do your research and figure out which land mark belongs to which city?

People at Gap seem to think that Centrepoint Tower and the Opera House belong in Melbourne and that the Arts Centre spire belongs in Sydney.  And that you also ride the green tram in Sydney????  At least they got Melbourne's Luna Park in the right city though.  Ignorance is bloss.

image from Gap Australia website


  1. That's funny but then it's not so funny. Wow.... I'm making sense tonight aren't I? lol! I mean: it's just weird! I thought that it was a well known fact that The SYDNEY Opera house is in Sydney. :)

  2. Oh that is just plain ridiculous - how hopeless are they?? Wonder who did their advertising campaign?!! x

  3. Geography must not be their strong side:)


  4. Hehe that is rather hilarious. Definitely not a Sydneysider or Melbournian doing that visual :P

  5. ahahaha, what the heck??

  6. I know! I had to laugh!! haha

  7. The worst thing is, there is a Luna Park in Sydney too! Outrageous.

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