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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cool runnings

I love running.   In winter however, I'm often forced indoors at the gym on a treadmill, which is less than inspiring.  It's far too cold to venture out for a run before work (I am in awe of people who have time to wash their hair in the morning - WHAT is the secret???) and after work it's too dark and depressing, as it's pitch black by 5.30pm.  

A weekend run around The Tan is my saviour. The fresh air and small glimmer of sunshine sets me up for the rest of the day.  The thoughts that pass through my head while running sometimes verge on insanity.  The iPod and I journey for an hour dreaming of new purchases, holiday destinations, what to do tonight, the friends I haven't seen in weeks, 5 year plans, what my parents are doing and often guilt at not calling my grandmothers overseas for months.  The thoughts that pass through my mind sometimes scare the living daylight out of me!  I don't even know where I come up with such crazy ideas. 

It's expensive yes, but I love Stella McCartney for Adidas.  In particular the shorts.  Regular cotton running shorts have that tight elastic around the waist which rides up my hips and drives me crazy!  McCartney's shorts sit low on the lips, are made from lovely light fabric and make running a pleasure!  And her tops are all nice and long which solves the problem I have with everything being too short and exposing my stomach - a pet hate!

She continues to redefine and challenge the notion of what we wear whilst keeping fit.  I love her silhouettes.  

Another item that's made running pleasurable is the Triumph Triaction Racerback Sports Bra.  Before I discovered this beauty, running was verging on painful, even though I'm not the most endowed person in the chest area, as I've grown older the bounce has become worse and nothing I've tried (including wearing two bras) has made much of a difference.  I bought one of these in January and it's really put the pleasure back into running.  I highly recommend it!

Triumph sports bra - AUD29.95


  1. i do "the tan" too!
    the lights stay on till 12 at night.
    it makes running at night easier because u feel a bit safer!

  2. Thanks for the Stella M for Adidas suggestion! I have avoided buying proper running clothes for my entire running career - none of it ever appealed.

    I have the WORST running wardrobe in the civilized world. It's all ancient tops and polar fleece zip up vests. My excuse being, I run at 5.45 am and it's too dark for anyone in the street to notice.

    I'll have a look at DJs. Wonder if the adidas store also stocks her stuff?

    SSG xxx

  3. I know the Adidas store in Melb stocks it, so I'm sure the Sydney one does too. Not sure about DJ's!

    Most of my stuff was daggy, but I was so sick of running in ill fitting clothes, that I'm slowly upgrading!!

    Let me know how you go


  4. i looove running too! my current search is for a sports bra that has back straps like a bra because i have some funky tan lines from running during the day :(

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  6. No need to not look stylish while running :)
    Have a great day - SP

  7. Lovely running gear ! Stella M is the best and I love the Tan for a leisurely (or brisk) walk! x

  8. It's a lovely place to clear the head isn't it SE!! x

  9. Yes the McCartney range is lovely. I prefer fast walking than running and can walk for hours, but know what you mean about the head space. I try and fill it with positiveness. Not always easy though. Thanks for the tip on the bra. It is sunny here now. Even thought it is just the beginning of August here the autumn ranges have started hitting the shops and thought are beginning to turn that way. For you I am sure it is thoughts of Spring. Xxxx


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