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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

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  • Growing up I was a simple child... a tomboy... when I was 5, I wanted to be a hairdresser!  My ambitions have grown with time and now I dream of being a CEO of a charitable organisation.  (Hello Tim Costello)  I am not driven by personal wealth, but I think there's so much wealth in the world that can be shared amonst us all to ease the pain of the unfortunate.

  • I can function without everything except sleep.  I can be hungry, hot, cold, sick or all of the above, but if I am not rested I cannot be productive.

  • I am a travel nut.  I love nothing more than visiting new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people.  Over the last 5 years I've been on more flights than I care to remember.  These experiences have made me into an expert packer and flier.  Rather than wasting valuable time washing, ironing, packing, waiting for luggage at the airport (my pet hate), putting outfits together...unpacking, then packing again, I travel with carry on luggage only 99% of the time.  I ensure everything matches and can be worn with everything else and I have a small pack of samples/travel size bathroom goodies that is always ready to go.

  • My idea of paradise is a hot, sunny day at the beach.. the smell of tanning oil, eating a fruit salad and melted chocoate.. sipping on icy cold water and people watching.  My parents love the beach equally as much as I do.  My two favourite beaches are Byron Bay in northern New South Wales and Cottesloe Beach in Perth. 

I'm hoping to visit Broome soon.

  • Almost daily, I dream of moving to Manhattan to live and work

  • I consider myself a high achiever and think that one of my strengths is persuation.  I feel as though when I set my mind on something I almost always get it, both due to my own hard work and my ability to sway opinion (haha, maybe I shouldn't admit to that???)

  • My family means the world to me.  My parents, brother and I have been through so much as a family.  I'd be lost without them. I know that no matter how dark the clouds get, they're always there for me.  And so is my B :)
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  1. Hi :)
    Glad to see you liked it:)

    You sound like a very nice, and cool girl:)

    I will come back before you know it...

    Have a nice day - SP

  2. Thank you for this award - you are a sweetie and I so enjoyed learning a little more about you! (but if you were in Manhattan you would not be able to go to a beach all that regularly though!!)x


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