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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ralph Lauren opens a store in Paris...

...on the Left Bank!  Another thing to put on my Paris to-do-and-see list.

In an old noble town house impeccably restored, Polo Ralph Lauren will unveiled its largest store to date on the Boulevard. The hôtel particulier is, naturally, particularly stunning- rich carvings and ornamentations, classical 1600’s French architecture, limestone, French white-oak paneling, “Versailles” style parquet flooring.. In a bid to make sure the reconstruction of the building’s architecture not stray from the original, Ralph Lauren says:

“I wanted to create a unique environment that captures the glamour, culture and the artistic spirit of the Paris that I have fallen in love with. Now, with this store opening, in the most romantic part of the city, I finally feel I have been able to tell my whole story in Paris”.

In addition to the various collections of Ralph Lauren, the 13,000 square-foot space also offers you fine dining in the very first Ralph Lauren restaurant in Europe- “Ralph’s”



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I have a lot to post about in the next few days, and all of your blogs to catch up on - forgive me, I have had problems with my internet connection and my Macbook has been playing up - needs a new battery and mouse.  And I won't even bother you with the horrors of the office net connection. 

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  1. I especially love the idea of the restaurant!

    SSG xxx


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