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Thursday, 22 April 2010

So my frivolity lent is going well.

So far, I've deleted every SALE! SALE! SALE/FREE SHIPPING!!! email from my inbox without even opening it.

My ugly assignment is also progressing. My head is buried in enthralling readings about Trade Practices Acts, water lore, sustainability, resource allocation et al. Post grad is so much fun. Not.

I am on course to hand it in before I jump on an aeroplane tomorrow night at 1905 hours and head off to spend the long weekend with B and my family. I hope it stops raining in Brisbane before we get there.
One thing I loathe more than most things is coming back from a weekend away to dirty house. I don't mean a house that looks like 30 college students had a party in it over the weekend; I just mean a house that wasn't thoroughly cleaned just before departure and a house that does not smell FRESH. It must be sparkling with a dash of room spray that hopefully still lingers upon return.

Upon completing my long weekend pre departure to do list last night, I discovered that I was totally out of cleaning products! And I mean totally... not a single smidge left in most of them. I usually clean everything with Jiff, which does a world of good to my surfaces but is of little benefit to my various allergies and my skin.

I've seen HumeMurchison Hume mentioned by a few bloggers and I went to Domayne at lunch to buy a couple of things - my first purchases were the Boys Bathroom Cleaner and Effortless Floor Splash . I hope they clean as well as Jiff does but smell a bit better. I was not tempted by any other shops, I kept looking straight ahead. So proud.


  1. How wonderful - know just what you mean about coming home to a clean house.. let us know how you go with the cleaning products. I have the dishwashing liquid and although I LOVE the smell its not quite as effective as the old brand!! And have a great weekend in Brisbane too....x

  2. The products sound wonderful!!

    SSG xxx

  3. You go girl:)
    And enjoy Brisbane:)i loved that place when i last visited:)


  4. I agree with coming back home to the clean house. I did my very best to have everything in perfect order at home before I left for NY.

    Wishing you a great time in Brisbane!

  5. Well, instead of creating a post about cleaning my toilet, which I'm sure nobody wants to read about, I'm sad to say the bathroom cleaner is rubbish :(

    I had to use Jiff first, then MH stuff afterwards for a nice scent.

    The floor cleaner is brilliant though.



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