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Friday, 9 April 2010

What's  happened to customer service in this world?

Next Saturday I am off to Canberra for all but 10 hours for the Masterpieces of Paris exhibit at NGA and really wanted to take High Tea at the exquisite Tea Room at the Hyatt - Canberra's only 5 star hotel. 

The great appeal of the Hyatt is that a person wanting to enjoy some of Canberra's many buildings and historic destinations can park at the hotel and have a pleasant afternoon exploring a range of attractions all within easy walking distance.  I'm looking forward to spending about an hour at the Old Parliament House which is just across the road. 

And that's where the trouble begins.

I rang yesterday, about 10 days before the trip to book for afternoon tea.  A gentleman answered the phone, and after I told him that I was in town for a few hours and had really been looking forward to dining there, all I got was "I'm sorry madam, we are very busy on the weekend, no room" and HE HUNG UP?

The whole tag of being-the-only-5-star-hotel-in-the-countries-capital-city must be getting to their head.  No offer of a wait list, no suggestions for alternative dining options at the hotel (and the website lists 4 other spots at the hotel alone).  So I took a deep breath and rang back and fortunately a different person took my call - she did what I expected from such an establishment - took my details down and told me she'd get back to me if a spot comes up, suggesting that as it's for only two, she's sure something will become available. 

Have you had any recent good or bad customer service experiences?  Maybe I was expecting too much...

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