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Monday, 5 April 2010

Koko Lane, Richmond

Hello dear readers!

I am sorry for my lack of inspiring and thoughtful posts of late, but sometimes it's better to not say much at all...   

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Across the road from my office is a lovely store, called Koko Lane.  The lovely lady that owns it edits and puts together everything so well!  It's filled to the brim with French inspired furniture and homewares — this lovely store stocks a great range of French style furniture and ideas for your house including mirrors, glass, ceramics, photo frames and more.

I never fail to find something to purchase and stash away in my poor little  junk storage/spare bedroom to pull out once we finally move into our home, as opposed to living in our tiny apartment.

Here's some pics I took with my iphone when I was in there last week.  Apologies about the poor quality...

Gorgeous little coasters.  They make for great gifts.

I have a lovely collection of napkin rings that I've accumulated over the past year from this store.  They're all different and don't match, but are all silver, so they go well together.  At least I think so.

Excuse the glare through the glass.. this large clock is my latest purchase - I envisage it in my dream kitchen, ha!


  1. I just found Koko Lane too, and loved the mirror in the photograph. Do they ever have sales? I'm hoping in June they may have one and I'll be swooping in!

  2. Yes they do have sales sporadically!


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