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Thursday, 8 April 2010

With a major headache enducing, restlessness causing assignment due on Friday at 2359 hours, no car at my disposal on Saturday and the fortnightly play money well and truly depleted, the fact that Melbourne is keeping me happy with the weather still in the mid 20's is going to waste.  And the flu vaccine has made my arm SO sore, that the thought of going for a run down to the beach is making me squirm in agony.

The thought of the state of my wardrobe causes me just as much pain though.  It is currently spread out between the bedroom, the mobile rack in the spare room and a chest of draws behind the mobile rack in the spare room.  TORTURE.  Imagine the nightmare of trying to locate an item at 7.15 in the morning.

So to ensure my Saturday is not a complete waste of time, the grand plan is to

  • wash, iron and fold the summer clothes which will not see the light of day until at least December (that includes you 7 pairs of bikinis taking over the underwear draw)
  • sort through a whole draw of opaque tights and throw out the ones that have seen better days, and maybe, just maybe invest in my first pair of Wolfords!
  • Ensure the bedroom wardrobe has the weekday clothing and the spare room all the play clothes, as clearly I have more time to be searching for playclothes when the occasion calls for them!
In the mean time, here's some walk ins that I daydream about while I'm searching for a black cami in the dark...


  1. I'm doing the exact same thing as you, just for the opposite season. And I too have that same problem with where to store my ever expanding selection of clothes and shoes. Oh to have one of those lovely closets pictured here!

  2. Tights breed and multiply in my drawers and get all twisting and caught up. So good luck! It is still so hot here , I long for winter.

  3. I'm currently in the middle of this process. Took me a little while, but so much easier now to find things and put outfits together.

  4. Hi:)
    I have managed to throw away so much clothes, that i actually know what i have...

    I have decided to use them until they all fall apart...
    In Norway we finally have spring, but you aught to show us some of your winter wardrobe,,post some pictures:)

    Have a good day - SP

  5. Oh to have a walk-in wardrobe! We are at opposite ends of the world so as you pack away your bikinis I am waiting to get mine out for the summer! Winter was great - but long...nothing like tights and boots and coats. But I could really do with some sun now... :-)

  6. Oh wouldn't it be lovely to have a walk in wardrobe like any of those! Good luck with the sorting and hope your arm feels better soon...! x

  7. Your wardrobe sounds just like mine. Even after my big wardrobe workout, it's still a complete mess. I'd love a walk-in closet!

  8. Anonymous8:25 pm

    The ultimate closets OMG

  9. Yup - I would happily take Rachel Zoe's walk in robe...especially if it left me her contents!

  10. sooooooooooo jealous xx

  11. hi, these pics are so your blog, come to visit mine.
    love iole

  12. I cant wait to pack up all my winter clothes ... we are slowly peeling the layers off here in London!
    Its great to do a huge spring clean of the wardrobe.
    Gorgeous closets!


  13. Glad I'm not the only one in this predicament, I shall let you know how I go!


  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hangs onto opaque tights when they're not really looking good anymore!
    Hope your flu arm feels better soon.


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