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Friday, 16 April 2010

The madness that is The Outnet birthday sale!

I have patiently been waiting at work all day with my gmail open in the corner for the outnet $1 sale to start.  I even missed a Friday tradition of a long lazy office lunch to make sure I didn't miss out.

I don't even know why! Does that put me in the same crazy bin as the 2,000 mad people trampling on each other at the American Apparel sale in the UK?  I usually make fun of people like that.  But the whole craze just caught up with me and I felt I had to be a part of it... sad :(

The email arrived around 4.30pm Melbourne time, I jumped on, scrolled to page 3 (there was 13 pages worth of stuff on sale) and placed the first thing half way down the page into my shopping bag.  I avoided items on page one as I know most people would have gone for them first.  I had my credit card details ready to copy and paste, and hey presto, it was done!

This is what I've ended up with!  A gray bateau-neck silk dress by Roksandra Ilincic.  It will be perfect to wear to one of my best friends weddings in July with lots of sparkly accessories.  I think it would suit a winter wedding nicely.

For a grand total of 1 pound + 16.50 shipping.  According to The Outnet, it retailed for 685 pounds.  The site has since crashed and it's total chaos.  With the far reach of social networking like FB and Twitter I have no doubt that thousands of women would have been doing the same thing as I was!

Did any of you manage to snap anything up?


  1. no I'm in the US did not receive an email with sale items. Received an email 6:45am who the hell is up?! This was such a sham. I waited til 12 for the sale saw nothing went to sleep. woke up and the sale is over. BOO I'm totally unsubscribing to their list

  2. LOVE it and congratulations too... x

  3. feefee8:42 pm

    Wow that dress is beautiful! I managed to get some shoes, but all the bitching (mostly from those just pissed they didn't managed to get anything) has put a downer on it.

  4. Anonymous4:02 am

    i got a stunning dress, I think it's a shame that people are acting like they had some right to get an item, if your not out of bed you only have yourself to blame!

  5. Congratulations - how fantastic! That really is a beautiful dress. I tried and tried but couldn't even make it on to the site! By the time it let me in it was all over :( It was always going to be a bit of a lottery but fun to try. Just like the anticipation of going shopping! x


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